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Achieving value from IT investments

"Achieving value from IT investments" is a set of unique courses for leadership roles in the IT organization of an enterprise (e.g., CIO, portfolio manager, project manager, IT department leader, IT team leader). The courses have been designed for IT leaders who strive to increase value from IT and digital investments.

The courses develop the skills of IT leaders. Course participants

  • acquire strong competencies in view of strategic IT planning (IT alignment) and tactical IT planning,
  • become familiar with leadership techniques needed for IT projects and get a solid understanding of relevant IT management processes.

The courses are conducted in a seminar style.

  • Participants are asked to bring in their experiences, opinions, and theses. The sharing of ideas among experienced participants provides a wider understanding.
  • The courses require high levels of involvement and active engagement for individual and group work.

The courses are unique since they

  • combine industry frameworks and state-of-the-art research,
  • present proven techniques applied to real projects (by the trainer), and
  • put emphasis on value creation from IT and digital investments

Furthermore, the courses

  • concentrate on the most applied project management frameworks (PMBOK, Scrum),
  • cover the entire value chain from idea generation to phase-out of IT systems (including strategic and tactical planning, implementation, operations), and
  • focus on practical applicability

The techniques learned can immediately be used in real IT businesses.