IT Project Management

Hybrid Project Management

Hybrid project management is understood either as a combination of predictive and agile project management methodologies or as the integration of agile methods into predictive project management frameworks.

Examples of emerging hybrid approaches are Water-Scrum-Fall, Waterfall-Agile, Hybrid V-Model, and Agile-Stage-Gate (Scrum-Stage-Gate). All of these new hybrid approaches
appear complex; none of them is well-established in the industry.

We suggest applying the predictive approach for IT infrastructure projects and the agile approach for IT application development. If a project scope includes both IT infrastructure and IT application development, we designate the IT project as hybrid.

Source: Reiff, J., & Schlegel, D. (2022). Hybrid project management – a systematic literature review, International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 10(2), 45-63.